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4-Wheel Vs Front-End Alignment – Know The Differences

Poor wheel alignment leads to your vehicle drifting either right or left and not cooperating well with the steering wheel. In case you’re facing such an issue when driving your car, then it’s time to opt for a proper wheel alignment procedure. Having the ideal wheel alignment will help your vehicle to remain safer when driving on the road as well as offer a smoother ride too. Furthermore, the longevity of your vehicle tyres will also be prolonged.

Since a vehicle has four wheels, then all four wheels must be aligned similarly. However, there will be times when a vehicle might not need all four wheels to be aligned and only just the front two., hence the name front-end alignment. Therefore, in this comprehensive guide, we’ll be sharing the differences between front-end & 4-wheel alignment procedures, so that you can have a good idea regarding both of the alignment methods.

All About Front-End Alignment

According to a well-known organisation offering services for alloy wheel refurbishment in Essex, a front-end alignment is also known as a two-wheel alignment. Hence, as the name suggests, the mechanic will only carry out the alignment for the front two wheels of the vehicle.

When performing front-end alignment, the technician can also perform a thrust angle alignment, which will determine whether all the four wheels of the vehicle are in a perfect square with each other.

All About 4-Wheel Alignment

Like the name, 4-wheel alignment is carried out on all four wheels of the vehicle. So, if your vehicle is an all-wheel-drive automobile, then you need to perform 4-wheel alignment since all four wheels have separate suspensions of their own.

The front two wheels will receive a caster & toe adjustment, while the rear wheels will receive a camber & toe adjustment.

How To Know That Your Vehicle Requires A Wheel Alignment Process?

According to a professional mechanic in Essex, if you feel that your vehicle is drifting or pulling to one side more than it should, then it’s a sign that your vehicle requires a wheel alignment procedure. The mechanic will decide whether you need a front-end or a 4-wheel alignment.

Thus, there’s nothing to worry about because the professional mechanic will take care of the issue with wheel alignment and thereby make your vehicle safer to drive on the road. So, even if your car steering feels a bit off, you shouldn’t postpone your visit to the vehicle service centre and get the problem sorted out as quickly as you can. If you let the issue slide under your nose, then you’ll indirectly let your car tyres go through premature wear & tear.

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