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Basic Car Repair or Maintenance Skills Every Car Owner Should Know

This one is especially for the ‘ladies.’ They are often considered damsels in distress. They rely on their husbands, fathers, brothers, or male friends to take care of their car issues. For instance, when there is a need for a tyre change, checking fluids, or even jumpstarting a battery, they have to ask for help from their male counterparts.

Here is a situation, we know you have been driving your car for quite a long time but at some point in time your car breaks down and you are unable to find anyone for help and don’t even know what to do. Therefore, it will be a great idea to learn a couple of repair and maintenance skills that are easy and can be of immense help in case of crisis.

There are many companies offering car repairs service, the staff is skilled and experienced and some of them even offer home pick and drop. For major and more technical issues you can contact these professional mechanics, for situations like fixing your car’s AC or if you are looking for alloy wheel refurbishment in Essex, we recommend you to call these experts.

For basic car repair and maintenance, read on to learn the skills.

1)  Check Tyre Pressure

Checking your tyre pressure is the most essential skill you must learn. We advise you to use the same tyre pressure gauge and always check the air pressure, make it point to do so first thing in the morning. Inflate the pressures listed on the driver’s door and never make it to the maximum pressure listed on the tyre. Tyre pressure is based on the weight of the vehicle and not the tyre brand. Maintaining your tyres regularly will help them last longer.

2)  Change Flat Tyre

It is imperative to know how to change a flat tyre, in case you get stuck in the middle of nowhere. Changing a flat tyre is the most essential thing women must learn. You can have a friend or a family member change a flat tyre in front of you and ask them to make you understand how things are done. To master the skills you can even check the online instructions and also watch some YouTube videos, they provide step-by-step visuals with instructions. Once you become a pro make sure you teach the other women in your life.

3)  Learn to Change Engine Oil

Engine oil makes your car run smoothly as it is the life support of your car. Oil lubricates the moving parts in your car and contributes to proper functioning. Thus, checking and changing engine oil is essential. You can change the engine oil in your car by following these steps – take out the oil drain plug, unbolt the oil filter and let the old oil deplete completely. Once the old oil is drained, put the plugs back and pour the fresh oil.

4)  Replace Wiper Blades

It is very easy to check when your wiper blades need changing. If they streak, they call for change. The nearby auto parts store will have lots of options available to choose from, including economy blades and even blades with a brand name. Pick up the best one as the high-quality rubber wipes well have better UV protection, and last long. Installation instructions are mentioned on the package. Ensure that you hold the wiper arm firmly once the old blade is removed, as it might crack the windshield if left.

Along with the above repair and maintenance skills, you must check the brakes of your car regularly. You don’t need to do much; you can check them when you are driving your car. On applying brakes if you feel they are not engaging and acting loose, contact the mechanic as soon as possible. You can also learn all the basic rules and regulations from a professional car mechanic.