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Dave our senior mechanic is an MOT tester. Which means he is qualified to take Mot tests. We offer a package where we will fix anything that needs to be fixed for you car Mot in Chigwell, before submitting your car for a MOT.

We charge £45 for a basic Mot Test . We are normally upfront about what needs to be fixed or not on your car before your car is presented to the MOT Test.

Your legal obligation to have a valid Mot Test for your car is that it must be tested every year and must pass the Mot Test for it to be road worthy. You can get your car Mot Test done up to a month before it expires from your last MOT.


We offer a top rated Car Servicing for your vehicle. To service your car we will need to change your Engine Oil, Oil Filter, Spark Plugs, Air Filter, Pollen Filter and Fuel Filter. Our dedicated mechanics will take care of your car service smoothly and quickly.

You may not need to change your Fuel Filter or Pollen Filter depending on when you got them changed last. We will advise you on all servicing that is available to you from Chigwell Motor Works. We also offer a Car Service Repair service, where you may need something repaired as well as your Car Serviced.

The price to get your car serviced can be reduced when removing the items that do not need to be replaced. Servicing starts from £80 depending on your vehicle. Give us a call and we can give you an accurate price. Generally, our Car Servicing Price as low as we have links with some big wholesalers of car parts in Essex as this is reflected in your car service cost.


To make sure your Tyres are safe and legal for use on roads, you must have a minimum of 1.6mm of tread tyre depth across the central three-quarters of the breadth of the tyre and around the whole outer entire circumference.

You must get your tyres changed by law if your car vehicle tyres do not meet the legal requirements set above. Not having legal tyres may cause you to not stop in the shortest distance in an emergency. Also there is a fine from the police plus 3 points per illegal tyre on your car. Often there are police checks in the Chigwell area. So come in and let us check your Tyres for free.

It is a proven fact that the more high quality tyre you put on your vehicle, the distance it will take to stop in an emergency with be much less than if you used a budget tyre. Just imagine if a child ran out on the road as you were driving.

We normally carry out our Exhaust repairs on the same day, providing that we have got the new Exhaust in our hand. We carry out all the Exhaust Replacements or part of the Exhaust replacment with our high quality bosche equipment.

You may hear a loud noise coming out from your Exhaust pipe. Also you may see Exhaust fumes leaking from part of the Exhaust system.

The cost of you Exhaust to be repaired can vary from car to car. We can advise you on all the different options available to you when getting your Exhaust repaired. Simply give us a call and we can give you a no obligation quote on fixing your Exhaust system.

You may hear a screeching noise when you brake and this may be an indication that your brakes need changing. Although this noise may be because of brake dust and a simple jetwash clean may stop the noise.

We can check your Brakes free of charge and check for wear and tear on your Brake pads. Simple call us and pop in for a free Brake check. Its normally not that expensive to get your Brake pads changed and prices vary from different cars.

If you need your Brake pads replacing on your car and you don’t replace your Brake pads, then when there’s no Brake pad left only metal is left to stop your car. This will cause more damage to your internal wheel and you may then have to replace more things.

You may find your Clutch slipping when changing gears. A screeching sound also may be herd. You may find that the gears don’t engage properly when changing up or down. The Clutch may feel really hard to press down. Also your car may not pick up much speed. If your unsure you can always get us to diagnose it for free and take a no obligation quote from us to fix your Clutch.

We can normally fix your Clutch or even replace your Clutch within the same day. We have a big parts retailer right next to us where you can even pick up your own Clutch and bring it to us and we will just charge you for the labour to fit your Clutch.

Your Clutch will feel light and smoothe when we repair your clutch in our car repair garage. Your car will pick up speed and it will be easier to change your gears. We offer a full one years gurantee on all Clutch repairs.

We offer a great Car Diagnostics Tests as we use the latest up to date Worth/snap on Car Diagnostic Computers to diagnose what is wrong with your car. We connect our car diagnostic computer to the computer of your car and get the correct diagnostic test carried out.

We Will Let You Know Exactly What Our Computer Diagnostic Test Says.

Our car mechanic will correctly show you what is wrong with your car so that you have peace of mind that we are fixing what needs to be fixed on you car.

Our Mechanics Often Know Whats Wrong Before Diagnostics

Because Mark/Terry our mechanic has so much experience he often knows whats wrong with your car soon as he inspects it. As 25 years of working in the car repair industry has made him a specialist car fixer.

We offer a number of different Car Repairs from, Mot Test Repairs , Car Servicing , Tyre Replacement, Exhaust Repairs, Brake Replacement, Clutch Repairs, Car Diagnostics, Car Repairs, Airconditioning Repairs and Breakdown Service.

We are pretty quick at getting your Car Repaired. We normally get your vehicle repaired within the same day. Sometimes it may take longer if we need to get some specialist parts for your car repair.

With 15 years of Car repairing experience you know your car repair is in safe hands. We also have Euro Car Parts / E One right near us which means we can walk to get your car parts and fix your car faster than any other Car Garage in Chigwell Essex.

We can Refill your Air Conditioning system with Air Conditioning Gas. When we refill you Air Conditioning system our Air Conditoning Refill machine will put a dye through you Air Conditioning system before it Recharges it to check for any system leaks or other problems giving you peace of mind that your Air Con system is working correctly.

Y If your Air Conditioning system smells when in use it may need cleaning. We simply get an Air Conditioning cleaning aerosole and clean out your Air Conditioning system to make it smell clean and fresh.

If your Air Conditioning system needs Refilling you can get us to do it or you can simply buy an Air Con refill can and do it yourself. But BE AWARE that Air Conditioning refill cans can make you put too much in your system and burst your pipes. This could cost you much more in Air Con repairs. Our Aircon Machine will fill your car’s Aircon system at the correct pressure and with the dye checking system it works out the same price as doing it yourself.