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How Often Should You Get Your Car Serviced?

Are you unsure of how frequently you ought to book a car maintenance or service appointment? Read this post to learn more as we cover all car servicing intervals.

The number of myths around auto maintenance intervals keeps expanding daily. If you frequently ask “How frequently should I maintain my car?” You’ve arrived at the proper location. This page seeks to clear up any confusion regarding recommended car maintenance intervals. You don’t want to be performing maintenance too regularly because it can be expensive.

On the other hand, carefully planning your service appointments may be best for both your automobile and your wallet. Servicing is a must for all vehicles, whether they are hybrid, diesel, or gasoline-powered. Without further ado, here’s a look at determining your car’s servicing intervals!

How Often to Service Cars?

We must first comprehend what car servicing Chigwell comprises. The mechanic will evaluate the state of your car’s filtration, tires, oil, and electrical systems during a service appointment. The evaluation will show you any internal issues with your car. The technician will perform a thorough inspection to identify any underlying problems and provide recommendations for Essex car repairs or replacements.

The answer to the question of how frequently you should maintain your car is: it depends! If your automobile is still under warranty, you should have it serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s plan. If you don’t do this, the warranty is in danger.

On the other hand, yearly maintenance on older vehicles can be very beneficial. Regular maintenance should keep the car in good shape for many years to come. You’ll also retain the vehicle’s resale value by keeping up with its maintenance history.

How Much does a Car Service Cost?

You might also have unique concerns regarding the costs associated with auto maintenance. Generally, it can differ amongst service providers. The margin shouldn’t be that large in any scenario. The cost of a car service will also vary depending on how well-maintained your vehicle is.

Basic maintenance for a full-size SUV or a car typically costs between Rs 8,000 and Rs 12,000 in India. Yet, the cost of servicing a premium vehicle might range from Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 20,000. These pricey components make repairing a sports car or a luxury car expensive.

Even if it seems like older vehicles have more issues, it’s still important to maintain new vehicles on a regular basis.

Do Hybrid Cars Need Servicing?

Every owner of an electric vehicle wonders whether their vehicle needs maintenance. The truth is that hybrid or electric vehicles, like those powered by internal combustion engines, require routine maintenance. It is crucial to have the wheels, brakes, chassis, and powertrain examined even though many elements are different. Keep in mind that compared to gasoline or diesel vehicles, electric vehicles often have reduced maintenance costs.


How you maintain and care for your car has a big impact on how frequently it needs expert servicing. This article should have clarified any questions you had regarding how frequently to service your car.