Wheel Repair Essex

Chigwell Motor Works is specialized in alloy wheel repair Essex and its surrounding areas. Whether your vehicles get chipped, scraped, cracked, scratched and dented, our experienced technicians can easily restore or repair all your wheel alloys which give you a completely fresh and new look. However, we have the capabilities and expertise to service all types of makes and models of the vehicles. Our main objective is to store your vehicles quickly and help you to bring back your vehicle in its original beauty and shapes either to sell it or for your pleasure.

Tyre Repair Essex

Tyre blowouts, punctures, sidewall cracks and uneven tread wear are some of the common tyre problems that we fix at Chigwell Motor Works. We specialise in repairing all types of tube and tubeless tyres, including regular, slicks and off-roads.

If you cannot drive your vehicle to our workshop, give us a call and one of our mobile mechanics will come to you to fix the problem.

Alloy Wheel Repair Essex

Alloy wheels not only look stunning but also enhances your vehicle’s performance. But they are highly likely to get damaged if you drive fast enough through a pothole, over the speed breaker or hit the curb. No matter the kind or extent of damage, our experts can fix it at an affordable price.

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Essex

If your car’s diamond cut alloy wheels have lost their original shine and appeal, let us turn it around with our alloy wheel refurbishment service. Whether you need powder coating for your worn out rims or need a quick cleaning and polishing job, we can do it for you.

Give us a call today for any kind of tyre repair or alloy refurbishment needs.

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Professional Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Essex

Whether it’s alloy wheel refurbishment or dent removal, our professional technicians have the expertise to do the job right in the right place. Paintless dent removal (PDR) techniques help you in reforming your vehicle’s metal panels back to their pristine conditions. No matter how big or tiny dings occur to your cars, hiring our dent repair in Essex helps you in removing the dents out without damaging the paints of the vehicles and give you a perfect finishing.

Standard Alloy Wheel Repair services

Our standard alloy wheel repairing services mean that our technicians can quickly offer you both colour coating and coat lacquers to your vehicle’s alloy wheels. We give you the opportunity to choose your favourite colours, but most of the time we recommended silver. Also, you can easily select the lacquer even matt and glossy according to your personal preferences.

Shadow chrome and hyper silver

Chigwell Motor Works is also offering you professional shadow chrome and hyper silver services which gives your alloys a metal effect. Our professionals professionally apply the coat lacquered to the wheels then dust them by adding several layers of silver powder to the top of the wheels of the vehicle which gives a glossy shine. Moreover, we apply the final coat on the top of it which efficiently adds a glossy look to make your surfaces more reflective. By hiring our professional services of powder coated alloy wheel repair in Essex, all you have to do is sit back and relax and let us handle all the repair job for you.


Our professional technicians also offer you bespoke services to give your wheels more distinctive and decorative finishing. Furthermore, we even provide you with custom functions that give you a unique finishing to your vehicle’s alloy wheels so you can easily personalize your alloys according to your requirements, choice and financial plans. At Chigwell Motor Works! We are proud of our high standards and excellence of work whenever you need our services. One of the main reasons why people use our services again and again because we fulfill all our commitments to meet your high standards and exceeding expectations. Whether you are living here or are commuting and need an alloy wheel refurbishment in Essex, hire Chigwell Motor Works is the best option, as we are offering you fast, reliable and efficient services.

Paintless Dent Removal

At Chigwell Motor Works! We are specialized in the body shop to repair paint damage because sometimes dents occur as vehicles hit by shopping trolleys, wheelie bin or the doors of another car. Whenever your panels are dented, but the colour of the surface is still intact, then we used PRD techniques. Our experienced mechanics use top-notch tools which help us removing all big and small dents by gently massage the inner panels of the cars.

Get your wheels back to their former glory. Don’t wait and hire our services of alloy wheel refurbishment and repair Essex by contacting our customer care. To ask queries give us a call or send us messages via email. Our experts are always accessible to answer all your questions and glad to advise you on what you have to do next. For further information visit our website and call us today!


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    Steve Harris
    Steve Harris
    Excellent. Friendly. Knowledgeable. Will use again.
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    Lima Beanz
    100% service from the guys here. They explained perfectly what needed doing and didn't add on any things I didn't need. Plus they were priced very inexpensively, courteous and quick! Can't ask for more!!!
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    Eunice McDonaldKnight
    Great service. Efficient, knowledgeable staff.
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    Barbara Commons
    Excellent service reasonably priced
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    Amanda Sepahzad
    Efficient mechanics. Perfect service always.
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    Jan Willingale
    I had to use the services of chigwell motors when someone's car rolled into mine! I am absolutely delighted with the job they did! Fitting me in when they were really busy! A very special thank you to Danny who went above and beyond for me! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them, or use them myself again!
    Jed Thomas Film
    Jed Thomas Film
    Cannot say a bad word about these guys. Honest, reliable and very fairly priced. The whole team are great! No bulls**t involved unlike many a garage I have been to before. Will be using them again 100%. Thanks chaps!

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