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Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Essex

Chigwell Motor Works offers you the most excellent mobile alloy wheel repair and refurbishment services in Essex. We are always equipped with state of the art equipment and tools, which helps us to complete our tasks as quickly and fast as possible. We have highly experienced and skilled mechanics and all the essential tools to remove all types of wheel damages. We also repair the wheels and provide alloy wheel refurbishment to bring back its former glory.


We have varieties of colours options available, which efficiently match with the manufacturer colours. We also offer you custom colours services, so you can easily add your favourite colours and make your vehicles stand out from the rest. Our team of dedicated experts is always here to help you out in every situation and give you professional assistance whenever you need it. They come to you, and within 2 to 3 hours, they finish their task and give your alloy wheels the same look when you first rolled them off from the showrooms.


Our experts have the ability to carry out the diamond cut wheel repair by first removing the tyres from the vehicles. It is followed by the task wherein the paints need to be completely stripped away. Once we have repaired the damages from the inside pockets, the wheels need to be powder coated. Our powder coating techniques are considered as the best process that fuses the paint to the metal surfaces by using the special high heat ovens, which can easily reach more than 200 degrees. After that, the wheels are put on the lathe and then the front face is spun and re-cut by using the specialised diamond-edged tools.

Moreover, this helps us in sealing the damages by applying the clear powder coat, and then we professionally fit the wheels, and the job is done efficiently. If you need these special diamond cutting repair services, then it almost takes 5 to 6 days. Moreover, by hiring our professional alloy wheel refurbishment Essex, you don’t need to worry about repairing the damages and wheel refurbishment.

Diamond cut alloy wheels are considered as a standout amongst the most well-known and prevalent on high spec vehicles. To determine whether your wheels are diamond cut or not, you first need to look at the points where the front of the face meets the edges of the pockets. If your wheels are diamond cut, at that point, the front faces are well-known to the metal, as they are incredibly reflective, and the pockets are by all accounts painted also. Various makers differ the pockets hues, yet in the vast majority of the cases, they are generally black, grey or silver. If you require a professional diamond-cut finish, call us now.

All the alloy wheels are when first produced; they are painted by using the process, which is known- as powder coating. Our experts use the powder layer process after the damages are refurbished. They used the powder and then cooked it on the wheels in the ovens at 200 degrees. Once it is done, a hard surface that is familiar with the ceramic is fused to the alloy wheel metals.

We can easily refurbish the damages by using our alloy wheel repair in Essex. But in case your wheels corroded or the costs are too huge, then using our powder coating techniques are the best option. We give you tyres a smooth and sleek finishing, as we used a powder-coating process including “hyper silver” and “shadow chromes” over the thin layers of the metal. They give you an extremely deep shines to deliver the best results and meet our client’s satisfaction. Our powder-coated alloy wheel repair services usually take 5 to 7 days to complete.

Our body shop repair services help you in repairing scuffs, splits and scrapes conveniently and effectively. We are using high-quality paint systems, which consist of numerous colours. We can easily recreate any manufacturer colours, which are entirely familiar with your original paints of the vehicles. By typing the codes of the paints into our latest computers, we find the true colours. These are then mixed to get the correct amount of colours. This helps us remove all types of scratches, scuffs, and scrapes and gives your vehicles a look as good as new. Moreover, we efficiently sealed the damages by applying the clear coats of the colours, and we de-masked and polished the vehicles if needed. Do you want to know more than visit our website or call us now!