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Alloy Wheel Repair Ilford

Alloy wheels are lighter and more attractive than steel wheels, but they lack structural strength, putting them at the risk of damage. Scuffs, bends and dings are common issues in alloy wheels, and they are unsafe for you and other drivers on the road. The good news is they are easy to fix. Chigwell Motor Works specialises in repairing buckled and bent alloy wheels of all types and sizes. Here are some of the common alloy wheel issues that we can fix.


Also known as kerb damage, it happens when your wheel scrapes the kerb edge in a parking lot. This can happen to the best of us due to a miscalculated parking maneuver and is often accompanied by instant regret. While a scuffed wheel does not interfere with the driving dynamics, it can certainly spoil the appearance. However, you can rest easy that our alloy wheel experts will fix it like it never happened. We specialise in polishing, buffing and filling to get your kerbed alloy wheel back to its original shape and glory.

  • Corrosion: Your rims are exposed to moisture, dirt and other elements that can corrode the finish and start eating into the alloy. To stop the corrosion in its track, we will use chemical stripping and sandblasting techniques, which are proven to be highly effective in eliminating and preventing corrosion issues.
  • Pothole Damage: Driving through potholes has its consequences. The damage depends on how fast you are going and how hard the wheel drops into the pothole. Pothole damage often causes the edge of the wheel to bend due to impact, especially if you are riding on low-profile tyres. Our alloy wheel experts can hammer out the dent and make sure the wheel is safe to put back on the vehicle.
  • Cracked Rim: A crack that starts from the edge of the rim can easily make its way towards the centre, affecting the overall structural integrity of the rim. We can weld the splits as well as missing pieces to make sure the damage does not extend further, and that your wheel is safe for the road again.
  • Sometimes, a rim can get damaged beyond repair. In that case, our alloy wheel specialist will make you aware of the situation and recommend replacement only if it’s absolutely necessary.
  • We can also provide a mobile service for on-site alloy wheel repair. Let us know the kind of damage that your wheels have incurred, and we’ll come prepared with tools and resources accordingly.
  • Refurbishment: Allow wheel refurbishment is rather an aesthetic treatment in order to enhance the appearance of your rims. We use a variety of machining, polishing and filling techniques to even out scratches and restore the shine on your alloy wheels. Whether you want to stage your car for viewings or spruce it up for your own satisfaction, our alloy wheel refurbishment can make a huge difference.
  • Sometimes the alloy wheel damage is not evident but can be felt through strange vibrations in the steering wheel or uneven tread wear. In that case, we will inspect the rim in order to get to the root cause of the problem – perhaps a slight bend or disorientation – and fix it in the cheapest way possible.
  • If you have any questions regarding our services, feel free to contact us.



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