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Car Body Repairs Shop Essex

Does your car require body treatment or repairment from an expert?

Well, we at Chigwell Motor Works have been in the car body repairs works from a while now. Likewise, from minor to major repairs, we have specialised in all vehicle bodyworks.

With years of experience, our professionals have specialised in accident repairs. Amongst other garage services, our mechanics and experts can help you in restoring your damaged vehicle to its original condition. From fixing deep scratches to repairing tiny dents and scrapes, you can reach out to our mechanics to fix all types of issues in your vehicle. Our professionals will be happy to assist you.


We understand that being without your vehicle causes you colossal inconvenience. Rest assured; our expert technicians will do all the needed treatment and repairs quickly and efficiently so you can return to your routine as soon as possible. Our technicians are trained and have years of experience working on all vehicle makes and models, so rest easy knowing the work will be done right. Whether your car’s body paint is peeling off or it was involved in a recent accident, Chigwell Motor Works can assist in repairing your vehicle and restore its original look. Here’s a quick go-through of what we offer at our car body shop:


Driving around in the bustling city traffic can get even the best of us into a fender-bender situation. Or perhaps, you lost control and your car careened into another vehicle or the kerb. Even a slightly misjudged driving manoeuvre can lead to a dent or scratch on your vehicle’s body. But rest assured that Chigwell Motor Works can fix it in our fully equipped body repair shop at a highly competitive price. Using paintless dent removal techniques, our experts can get the body panel back to its original shape and fix scratches like they never occurred. Most importantly, we use OEM paint to make sure the repair work blends in perfectly with the rest of the bodywork.


Accidents happen, but that’s not the end of the world. The good news is your damaged car can be restored to its former glory. We specialise in all types of bodywork, from bumper repairs to alloy wheel repairs to removing scratches and dents from door panels, roof and front & rear fenders. If your car has been in a serious accident and requires extensive work to get it back to its original shape, our experts can do it quickly and cost-effectively.


Do you wish to claim insurance money for the car body repairs but don’t know where to start? Bring your car to Chigwell Motor Works and let our experts take care of your car as well as the insurance paperwork. We have handled insurance claims for all kinds of accidental cars, and we always try to get the accident repairs done without causing the customer any inconvenience. Also, we will inform you about the insurance fee at the start so that there are no nasty surprises lurking around.


We are big enough to cope and small enough to care. From restoring an old vehicle to fixing minor scratches and dents, Chigwell Motor Works can handle all kinds of body repairs in London. Although replacing a damaged body panel is easier than repairing it, the former turns out to be an expensive affair. Therefore, by providing vehicle body repairs, our experts do the hard work so that you can save money.


While extended exposure to sun and moisture can cause your paintwork to fade, a quick respray can get it back to looking brand new; it is also a great way to conceal minor scratches that your car may have sustained over the years. To ensure paint consistency, we recommend getting the entire body panel resprayed and not just the affected area. Not sure if your car needs paint respray? After a quick assessment, our experts can give you the best solution based on your budget and what’s best for your vehicle.


If you are too busy to get your vehicle repaired or can’t drive it due to it being severely damaged, we can pick it up from your location and deliver it back after the repair is completed. We treat your vehicle like our own and ensure quality control at every stage of the bodywork. If you need your vehicle returned at the earliest, we can work out an arrangement for you. Feel free to reach out.


A dent on a car is an eyesore. It diminishes its look and value; thus, it is essential to keep it in its pristine condition. Chigwell Motor Works is the leading specialist in Ilford, who can fix all kinds of minor and major repairs. From a heavy accidents to insurance repairs, we are the name you can rely on.


Has your car lost its shine? Is it not looking the way you want? Transform it into a new one with our top-of-the-line paint sprays. We have high-tech tools and programs that can create the desired colour code with a perfect proportion of colour and shine. So, expect the best paint job from industry experts. Call us now. For all the above services, we pride ourselves to have been serving at the most competitive prices. Our professional service and technicians thrive in offering you an efficient and prompt garage service with a free no-obligation quote. Get a quote right away! Call us on 07955007777.


We understand how daunting and stressful car damage is and how much of an inconvenience it can cause you; hence we complete the repairs as quickly as possible. Whether you require a major collision repair or need a minor repair—we can handle it. Restore your car to its original condition with the help of our highly skilled and trained mechanics here at Chigwell Motor Works. Equipped with state-of-the-art tools and technology, we reshape your car to its perfect finish. Our service area includes Essex, Ilford, Loughton, Chingford, Woodford and surrounding areas. Contact us, your trusted local car body shop in Essex, to take care of all your vehicle repair needs.


Yes, we have a full recovery service for cars and light commercial vans.

Yes, for any insurance work carried out, we will deal with the insurance company direct including collecting all money.

Courtesy cars are available through work being done on insurance and private subject to insurance cover.

Car colours can be matched by two ways: Colour code of the car or by taking car panel and paint supplier will match.

Windscreen replacement service can be arranged and some minor repairs (as long as its not cracked).



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