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Take good care of your car, and it will last as long as you wish to keep it. With regular car maintenance, you can avoid the road to ruin and drive your car with minimal hassles. A well-maintained car also means that the running cost will be significantly lower in the long haul. However, with car service costs soaring, most people tend to skimp on routine maintenance, which is highly likely to cost you more. The good news is you don’t have to pay your dealership an outrageous amount for the service.


Visit Chigwell Motor Works to get your vehicle serviced to the highest standards but at a fraction of the cost. Chigwell Motor Works is a fully equipped, independent garage in Loughton that provides professional car service, car repairs and breakdown recovery.


Our mechanics possess formal training and experience in servicing vehicles of all makes and sizes. Whether it’s a Korean sedan, Japanese hatchback or a German SUV, we can service your vehicle according to the highest standards, using the same tools, equipment, consumables and spare parts as your dealership.

Unlike dealership auto repair centres in Loughton, we don’t have a pretty facade or an expensive lounge area. But we have invested heavily in the infrastructure and professional mechanics that matter the most for your car. By utilising capital where it’s needed and cutting unnecessary corners, we drive down the cost significantly for our customers.

Every vehicle is unique, and therefore the nature and extent of its service depends on various factors, such as the model, make and where the vehicle is at in its life cycle.

That is why the first thing we do is run a full diagnosis of your car. This enables us to understand what your car needs, which parts need to be replaced and catch potential issues before they get worse.

Oil Change

Engine oil lubricates the internal engine components to protect them from heat and friction. However, with use and over time, the engine oil wears out and loses its lubrication properties.

Therefore, it is important to change it from time to time.

To ensure your engine runs at peak efficiency, our mechanics will use the recommended oil grade for your car. Using the wrong oil grade can reduce the performance at best and cause irreversible damage at worst.

Filter Change

Whether it’s an oil filter, air intake filter or cabin filter, its job is to trap contaminants. Over time, the filters get clogged and need replacing. Our mechanics use OEM filters so that your vehicle performs as intended. Also, using OEM parts is mandatory if you want to protect your vehicle’s warranty.

If your vehicle is out of warranty period, you can use aftermarket replacement filters to save a few bucks, if you will.

Other Fluids under the bonnet

Besides engine oil, there are other fluids that require regular topping off or changing. These include coolant, brake oil, transmission oil, clutch cylinder fluid, steering fluid(if your car has a hydraulic steering system), etc. These fluids are changed at certain intervals as indicated in the user manual, unlike the engine oil which is changed at every service.

Tyres and Rims

Uneven tyre wear is a sign of poor wheel alignment. The purpose of a wheel alignment job is to ensure that the front tyres make even contact with the road and your vehicle drives in a straight line. Our mechanics will check your tyres and rims for damage or abnormal wear and will recommend what’s best for your vehicle. Our mechanic will also inflate the tyres to correct pressure so you can enjoy superior handling and fuel efficiency.

If you get your vehicle serviced at recommended intervals, you will never have to worry about the breakdown. However, in case you find yourself stranded with a stalled vehicle, call Chigwell Motor Works for rapid breakdown recovery assistance, followed by affordable repairs.



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