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Car Service Woodford

Chigwell Motor Works provides comprehensive car servicing in Woodford for all models and makes. We have a fully equipped workshop with a friendly team of mechanics on board. Rest assured that we will take care of your car like our own. And we use spare parts and engine fluids that are best for your car.


If your car has clocked 6000 miles since the last service, it’s about time for an oil change and other necessary checks to make sure your car can complete another cycle without breaking down. Even if your car has not reached the service threshold in the last one year, it is still recommended to it serviced because the engine oil gets oxidised and loses its lubrication properties over the period of 1 year and therefore must be changed.


Chigwell Motor Works is a one-stop workshop for all models and makes. This is especially beneficial for fleet owners who want to get all their cars serviced and repaired under one roof. The best part is we offer the same level of service, using the same tools and techniques as your dealership, but at a fraction of the cost. Since we are a locally owned business without any large-scale corporate presence, our overheads are a bare minimum. Although we have invested in the infrastructure and resources that matter the most for your car.

A car breakdown is a terrible situation to be in, especially when you are travelling with family or kids. This is when the importance of regular car maintenance is strongly felt.

However, some car owners often struggle to find the time for a car service, and it’s totally understandable. While you may have your own reasons for not being able to get your car serviced, that doesn’t change the fact that it is absolutely necessary.

Regular car servicing prevents unexpected breakdowns and save you from a hefty repair bill down the road.

Almost all kinds of engine-related issues either lead to overheating or stalling. That said, our mechanic will run a proper diagnosis to identify the root cause and recommend the best course of repair. We recommend replacement only when the damage is beyond repair.

Most car owners like to distance themselves from the dealership service centre because of the high cost and unsolicited upsells. And rightly so. This is why it is wise to bring your car to our locally owned garage where you can get the best service at the lowest price.

At Chigwell Motor Works, we have the tools and skills required to provide dealership-level service. We know what’s best for your vehicle and use only OEM parts for the service or repair work. Whether your car is brand new or has already seen its best days, we give it the care and attention that it deserves.

Here’s everything that a basic car service includes


Oil change is the most important part of the routine service and should be done every 6000 miles or once a year — whichever comes first. And rest assured that we will pick the right oil grade for your car as recommended by the manufacturer. With the right oil grade, the engine will perform as intended and last longer.


Your car uses a lot of fluids and filters to prevent wear and tear. However, these fluids wear out too and filters get clogged over time. Therefore, with oil change, it is important to change the air filter, oil filter and cabin filter. We also check the level of coolant, brake fluid, transmission fluid, etc. and top off or flush as per the service manual or the condition of the fluid.


We will inspect your car using an OBD scanner to detect issues with the O2 sensor, fuse, relay, steering module, AC, lights, fuel pump, spark plugs, engine components, etc. This allows our mechanic to catch problems while they are still easier and inexpensive to fix. In case there’s something that requires immediate repairs, our mechanic will explain it to you and recommend what’s best for your car.


Wheel alignment is vital to your tyres’ life. Some drivers speed through potholes or mistakenly hit the kerb in the parking lot, throwing front wheels out of alignment. As a result, the vehicle tends to pull to either side of the road, also causing uneven tyre wear. A wheel alignment & balancing job is highly recommended – at least once a year; also, it pays for itself by delaying the need to replace your tyres.

If you need any routine service or urgent repair work for your vehicle, contact Chigwell Motor Works to book an appointment.



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