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Chigwell Car Servicing

Chigwell Motor Works provides reliable Chigwell car servicing on all makes and models including German and French vehicles. Whenever you are searching for a reasonable and quality car servicing, we are the best option for you.

Regular car servicing for better performance

Although it is not necessary to get your car serviced regularly, it can make your car lifespan longer. Over time, each component of your car due to daily wear and tear suffers a lot. Our specialist mechanics will provide you with a detailed guide, as to why every part of the car needs to be repaired. Getting your car serviced every year or at regular intervals can help in determining the proper time of getting your parts replaced. By looking at the car mileage and history, our mechanics can evaluate the service that suits your vehicle needs and requirements.


We not only give our customers the affordable quality service, but also offer genuine replacing parts when we are fixing or replacing them on your vehicle. Additionally, we make sure that we tailor the car parts, according to specific make and model. This is our promise that it won’t causes any inconvenience for a longer period. We never compromise on the quality and always check the car service history, so that the parts are replaced at their proper time and not just for the sake of it.

Use our convenient online booking service by just entering the required information to schedule a time of your choice for car servicing.

Are you facing issues with your car, but are not sure what cause of problem is. DO not neglect it, and contact us to know, which parts need to be replaced or repaired. Whether you are getting regular, full or major service, we will meticulously check all the vital components of the car to top up any fluids or lubricants. Getting your car serviced on a regular basis can help you save money on getting major repairs.

At Chigwell Motor Works, we are flexible when it comes to scheduling a day and time of car servicing. You just need to enter your details and your vehicle detail, when booking your service. Our customer representatives are always attentive to give you a prompt response. They also give an estimated quote that is within your budget requirements. The type of service you required is based on the mileage of the car. For example:

  • If your car has a higher mileage in a year, you need an interim service. It is recommended every 6 months or 5000 miles.
  • You need full service when your car mileage is 12000 miles and is usually recommended annually.
  • A major service is a need, after every 2 years or 24,000 miles.

If you are still doubtful about which service you need, our expert mechanics can guide you on the basis of your vehicles model, history, and mileage.

So do not wait, hire our Chigwell car servicing now!



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