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Dent Repair Essex

Are you looking for reliable and reputable services of dent repair Essex? Then don’t ring around or hang up the phone, as Chigwell Motor Works can easily work the miracles on minor dents by using a unique technique call PDR (paintless dent removal). We use high standard tools to manipulate the cuts of the vehicles behind the panels and give them a gentle massage to out the dent and merely make your vehicles panels as good and excellent as new.

We are Chigwell Motor Works in Essex specialist provider of vehicles services including, MOT, Tyre repairing & replacement, diagnostic, body repairs, wheel alignments, alloy wheel refurbishment and car repairing services for all makes and models of cars including light commercial vehicles for all our clients throughout Essex and its surrounding areas. We equipped with top-end equipment and latest computer diagnostic machines which help us in identifying problems to meet all your exceeding expectations and standards. Along with the tools our technicians are highly professional and well-trained, as they provide you with an unrivalled level of services all the time you need it.

We offer you affordable and unbeatable rates for all our vehicles services, so you can quickly rely on us, and we assured that you get your vehicles back on roads as fast as possible. We Know how important is cars are, that is why we commit to deliver your vehicles within the prescribed time and date. Furthermore, whether you need simple vehicle services or full services, Chigwell Motor Work is always here to help you out in all conditions. Moreover, by hiring our professional services of paintless dent repair across Essex you can easily bring back to its original shape.



Accidents happen, and sometimes due to dangerous driving or plain human error, your car does end up with dents and scratches. But you do not have to deal with it! We at Chigwell Motor Works offer top-class car paintless dent removal for all vehicle makes and models. We will restore the beauty of your car by removing every large dent and minor dents on the vehicle.

Our body shop has some of the top technicians with the tools and expertise to do the dent repairs right the first time. We understand your vehicle’s importance to you, so we treat your vehicle with respect and plenty of care.

Don’t settle for an unsightly-looking car with scratches and dents when a repair is just a call away. Just reach out to us for Essex dent repairs, and we will remove every minor and large dent through the paintless dent removal way and in a record repair time.


Usually, traditional dent repairing services involves replacing the whole part of the body which cost you more money. Whether it is a large cut or a ting dings, we use paintless dent repair methods to take all the dents out from all types and models of the cars. We have the expertise to fix all kinds of dents probably, whether it is caused by a shopping trolley, other vehicles doors, wheelie bins and by hitting hard things.

Following are the numerous auto repairing services we are providing, including;

  • MOT and MOT test repair
  • Exhaust
  • Tyres repair and replacement
  • Steering and suspension
  • Brake repair
  • Car services
  • Air conditioning
  • Engine and fuel systems
  • General car repairs
  • Car diagnostics
  • Clutch repair
  • Breakdown services

At Chigwell Motor Works! We are specialized in the body shop to repair paint damage because sometimes dents occur as vehicles hit by shopping trolleys, wheelie bin or the doors of another car. Whenever your panels are dented, but the colour of the surface is still intact, then we used PRD techniques. Our experienced mechanics use top-notch tools which help us removing all big and small dents by gently massage the inner panels of the cars. We can also provide minor paint repair and correction using rubbing and polishing techniques.


Also, our professional technicians have the expertise to do the job right in the right place. Paintless dent removal (PDR) techniques help you in reforming your vehicles metal panels back to its pristine conditions. No matter how big or tiny dings occur to your cars, hiring our paintless dent repair across Essex help you in removing the dents out without damaging the paints of the vehicles and give you a perfect finishing.


Don’t wait and hire our services of alloy wheel repair Essex by contacting our customer care. To ask queries give us a call or send us messages via email. Our experts are always accessible to answer all your questions and glad to advise you what you have to do next. For further information visit our website and call us today!



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