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Essex Car Repairs

Chigwell Motor Work is considered Essex smart repairs services as the best and excellent alternative as compared to traditional body shop repair. Our smart repairing services can quickly match the colour to specific paint codes which can easily be carried out at your homes or workplace with the help of our professional and experienced technicians, meaning while using out body shop services you don’t have to lose your vehicles for several days. We tailored our services to meet all your needs and requirements.


Our experienced technicians can easily repair all sorts of scratches, chips and scuffs which occur in car paints and bumpers as well. Ranging from deep scratches to minor stone-chips which are caused by vandal damages, we can help you in repairing your damages. However, where your vehicles require paints, our technicians mix them with the mobile workshop which exactly matches with the existing colours of your cars to make them look as incredible as new.


Whether your vehicles suffer scuffs or scratches, Chigwell Motor Works can easily repair all sorts of damages even the severe one. As compared to traditional print services, our skilful technicians only refinish or fix the damaged parts and areas of your vehicles. Also, our professionals have the expertise to even carry our severe damages including bodywork, accident repair, re-sprays and replacements of panels.
Following are the different damages that our Essex smart repairs services can effortlessly repair, including;

  • Paintwork scratches and scuffs
  • Damages and scraped alloy wheels refurbed
  • Bumper scrapes, scuffs, splits and cracks
  • Out of shape and dented bumpers
  • Textured inserts and mirrors
  • Dents and dings

Are you looking to have a car service in Essex? Look no further, as Chigwell Motor Works are offering you dependable, efficient and affordable rates vehicle services. We are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality vehicle services in Essex to resolve your entire car damages and ensure you to keep your vehicles in the right conditions. All our technicians are skilled, experienced and knowledgeable about all the makes and models of the cars, as they have numerous years of experience. Moreover, we always use high-quality and warranted spare parts and make sure the manufacturer warranties are still protected.

Our staff is staying in touch with our clients, to keep you informed about all the progress of our work. However, in case of any additional work or charges ahead they tell you right on time before proceeding. In case your car breakdown, our experts collect and deliver your vehicles right at your home or to your preferred location anywhere in Essex at the time which is convenient for you.

Regardless, Chigwell Motor Works is offering you effectual tyre repairing and replacements services, as we have a vast range of branded tyres. We understand that finding an appropriate tyre for your vehicles is a nightmare. Also, our professional technicians know that all you need is the right tyres for your cars and we used high-quality tyres which completely suited your vehicles, tyre sizes, models and financial plans. We provide you with experienced and skilful fitters which professionally replace your tyres with a new one because clients safety is our number one priority. By hiring our services for cheap tyres in Essex, you don’t need to worry about flatted and busted tyres anymore.
So if your tyres get flat or burst, then you need experts who efficiently deal with your wheels, as tyres are all about safety. We help you in maintaining your vehicles all day long, so our professional technicians get your tyres fitted efficiently and competently. Furthermore, they have adequate knowledge about all the models of the cars from inside out; this is why they quickly diagnose the problems to solve them as fast and rapidly as possible. Moreover, we lessen the stress of our clients and give them the ease and comfort that their vehicles are in the safest hands. So if you are looking for safest fitting at a competitive price, the only place you can get this all is Chigwell Motor Works.

So don’t wait and hire our services by contacting our customer services. To ask queries send us a message via email with your name, messages and email address. Our experts are always here to give you a satisfactory answer. On the demands of our clients, we also offer you estimated quotes. For further information, visit our website and call us now!



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