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Car Body Repair Ilford

The car manufacturing industry is transforming the core materials from which they manufacture modern vehicles. Likewise, the repairing industry has also evolved.


In the past 10-15 years, various types of high strength steel have been used over other ferrous and standard steel materials. Further, the lightweight materials such as composite materials and aluminium have grown in use. The implementation of these materials in cars helps in decreasing the panel thickness, ultimately reducing the weight of the vehicle. Usage of these materials further maintains high safety crash standards.


With these new materials, there’s a constant change in the way car bodies are being assembled and built. Today, you’ll find fewer instances of spot welding in a car; instead, there’s an increased use of adhesives and rivets.


All these changes in car manufacturing necessitates the introduction of modern techniques to repair them as well. We at Chigwell Motor Works make sure that our mechanics who are responsible for car body repair at Ilford are skilled with all the modern technologies to fix the damage on these contemporary materials built cars.


Once the damaged body parts are dealt with, our body shop offers an extensive range of body repair services for car owners.

Get a variety of seam sealing solutions for your refinish requirements in combinations with a variety of applicators. It will assure that finishes achieved are matched as per the OEM appearances.

You can also get the support of grinding and coarse sanding in our body shop. We offer the following services with grinding and coarse sanding:

  • Cutting the metal parts
  • Working to remove welding spots or lines
  • Removal of paint before bonding or welding process
  • Stripping down the material to its bare metal to repair it

There are times when a full welding process is not possible or is not a fit for a few specific parts. These non-structural replacement parts of a car can easily be fixed with the panel and structural bonding processes.

Further, our car body repair services include offering protective refinish coatings as well. By using modern spray guns, we provide high viscosity coatings such as high build primers, underbody protection and stone chip coatings. These advanced systems with efficient spray guns allow minimum waste and adequately control the final finish and thickness.

We deliver what we promise; the above mentioned are just a few substrates of what our car body services comprise of. So, if you require a car body repair in Ilford, reach out to us and get your issue resolved right away.



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