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Chigwell Motor Works is a family enterprise with 15 years of experience in the car service industry. What started as a small service company, has today grown into one of the most prominent companies in the automotive sphere. We are among the few companies to offer complete car service and employ super-specialists in tyre-fitting that set us apart from the competition. Chigwell Motor Works houses a set of meticulous professionals who are trained in tyre fitting and repairs. To put it simply, we can fix anything and everything related to cars!


With our extensive range of tyres, we are able to cater to a broad range of budget and driving preferences. We can supply tyres for any and every car model and make, be it economical cars, transport vehicles, luxury cars and even sports cars.


We ensure that our tyres are constantly improvised to keep up the pace with challenging roads. Chigwell brings a new range of tyres to meet the needs of the vehicles and also has a wide choice of tyres to choose from. We have the added advantage of offering fast turnarounds, with the finest quality service all at an affordable rate.

One of the fundamentals of conducting a mechanical business is that it’s important to have a set of people who can understand the client requirements. Well, we do precisely that. This is made possible at Chigwell as our tyre experts come equipped with a sound technical background that helps them to identify your problems and offer effective solutions, which is highly unlikely in a standalone garage. Our broad range of service also includes a mobile tyre-fitting service. Cars tend to break down in the remotest of places and it becomes almost impossible to reach the nearest garage or car services. This is where we step in. Our mobile tyre-fitting professionals are only a phone call away from reaching your location and ensuring that your mobile tyre service is done smoothly for you to get your vehicle back on the road.

We give priority to comforting our customers. As a rule, we first break down the core of the problems and then set a time estimate depending on the nature of the issue with the vehicle. Once we provide clarity to the customer and ensure they have a good understanding of the problem, we then give them a quotation regarding the reparation cost of tyres and other damaged parts. The free flow of the repair process ensures a smooth and not hasty repair job.

Once you agree to render our services and complete the process, we test drive your vehicle to reassure you about the successful completion of the job.

Due to the constant wear and tear of tyres, they require constant checking, repairs and up-gradation. Our qualified professionals are proficient so they assess the condition of your tyre and make an action plan by simply having a look once. We give our clients a rudimentary understanding of all the ‘To spot signs’ of damaged tyres such as inflated tyres, weakening of plastic or any other factor that your car might be affected by.

Our friendly service experts ensure that our customers are informed about the general know-how of tyres irrespective of whether they need reparation or not. The organisation at Chigwell believes in transparency that has resulted in fostering trust and reputation among our customer base. We provide additional support in explaining the various uses of tyres and new tyres that are best suited for the vehicle and the purpose of using the vehicle. It is in our interest to know about the thoughts of our customers about their experiences with us.

You are free to add a review of your experience with us be it good or bad. We are always available to revert all of your queries and comments to enrich our performance for future dealings with you.

One of the most popular services offered by Chigwell is alloy wheels refurbishment and replacement.

The wheels of any car show signs of damage due to direct pressure that is built up from constant functioning. The traction, speed and rough surfaces affect the wheel alignment every single day. The wheels act as the skeleton to give body to the tyres. Hence, the key to healthy tyres lies in the maintenance of wheels. One way is ensuring this to choose the best-fitted wheels that compliment the nature of your tyre.

Chigwell is also known for specialising in refitting and redressing wheels to make them sturdy and stylish. Our streamlined servicing also includes a holistic approach to wheels beyond basic repairs and focus on extending the durability along with enriching the look of the wheel. We have introduced an advanced solution service known as Chigwell administration. It is known to offer a minute examination of your car, wheel fixing with an additional choice of styling and shading — all of which is programmed to be offered at minimal rates.

Our company runs on the wheels of perfection and precision of workers that propel our business in the long run. We seek to run the extra mile with you. Are you ready to do that?



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